Original gifs and graphics dedicated to the new drama GRACELAND on USA.

you almost had me.

You lied. You lie for a living.

Graceland used to be a safe haven, you know? For all of us. I don’t know when but we lost that.

This isn’t a negotiation.
No, it’s not a negotiation. We did that already.
You care. I get it. But there’s no innocence here.

-I don’t like the cost of this either.
-You don’t even know the costs.
-Yes, I do.
-Then act like it.

Connect this thing to Solano. Go kick down some doors.

I know you feel it. We eat, we work, we die. There’s no glory here.

You got to think about what we do for a living. Okay, people get hurt. They do. I mean, we do our best, but people get hurt.
People stay hurt.

We still gonna be surfing by noon?
Probably not.

Promotional photos for 2.01 “The Line”

Graceland season 1 gag reel